Within just a few years of it’s establishment, SSM was already in need of a new head office and with a clean sheet of paper, the opportunity presented itself for our CEO to draw up the design of a purpose made facility which would integrate the shipmanagement and training requirements so that the quality of his seafarers could be guaranteed.

The new office was completed in 1999 and opened with all of the ceremony expected of an award winning building – the design and interior coveting the prestigious Bernardo Bernardi Architect Award for that year.

The result is a blend of traditional seafaring themes set into a contemporary design with plenty of open space for the employees and trainees.





 SSM United Head Office Address : SSM House,114. brigade 12, 21000 Split, Croatia

Main telephone : (385) 21 558 558,   Main fax : (385) 21 558 555,   Main e-mail address : ssm-director@ssm.hr