With such a wide range of experienced experts working together , it is natural there should also be a demand for Consulting Services and in recent years there has been an increased demand for advice and support from ship Owners /Operators, ship yards, financiers, insurance providers, Government Bodies and training providers .

SSM United regularly takes on consultancy work for the following typical projects :

• Inspections and valuations of vessels.
• Selection of Flag and Class Societies.
• Complex vessel repairs and modifications.
• Newbuildings – full service including design, superintendency and management . 
• Drydock superintendency and support with settlement of costs .
• Vessel scrapping .
• Identification of finance for the acquisition of new and second-hand tonnage .
• Assessment of other owners/managers ship management systems and controls .
• Pre-purchase assessment of ships equipment .
• Assessment of on-board security .
• Assistance with ship security – evaluations, production of the Ship Security Plan , audit and the ISSC process, security training.
• Evaluation of potential senior officers and key shore staff .
• Investigation and assessment of training requirements .
• Preparation of Masters for MCA UKLAP examinations .
• Cargo and other insurance claims .
• Assistance with the certification process for ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001 .
• Development of new training programs and obtaining Flag/Class Approval .