The favourable conditions which have been on offer from Asian yards has resulted in a large pool of expertise available in Europe (particularly Croatia) and SSM United has recruited the very best for their dedicated Newbuilding Teams.

Although SSM United has always been able to provide a level of service in this area, the new teams are a  much stronger and dynamic workforce – all of them with plenty of experience working for shipyards , so their "inside" knowledge will be of great benefit in protecting the owner and ensuring best practice throughout the building program.

New Build and Dry Dock SupportThe SSM Newbuild Team will arrange with the Owners and the Yard to provide suitable office space on-site with full communications facilities to support our team throughout the building program.

All team members will have full authorisation to attend and inspect all stages of construction to ensure compliance with the agreed specification. Their extensive shipbuilding experience gives them the big advantageof knowing where the builder will try to find efficiencies at the owner cost. Constant supervision and written notices of defects all serve to ensure  that the builder maintains the highest standards , but if there are any technical disputes, we can easily draw upon the support of Class , a competent technical institute or third party expert to resolve the issue to our satisfaction.

The technical specification of all the equipment supplied will be checked for approval against the Makers List.

During the construction, it may become obvious that some changes would be beneficial to the final product and our team will have the authority to request the builder in writing to make minor modifications to the specification  providing  that those modifications (or an accumulation of modifications) do not adversely affect the the construction program. In all cases, any changes are first discussed with owners before advising the yard.

Once the builder has given notice for sea trials, the Newbuild Team will set the required trials criteria and advise the yard of all other tests which will be required during the official sea trials.

Again, our team have been involved with so many trials that they know how to best protect the owners interest by ensuring that all key items are fully tested in the correct manner.

Nearer to the trials and delivery dates, SSM Head Office will arrange specific training and familiarisation for the officers and the crew, taking advantage of their in-house full mission bridge simulator and engine control room simulator which can be programmed to mimic the newbuild.

Our teams wide experience of trials of all types of vessels means that the vessel will not be accepted without defects having been first rectified or noted on the delivery documents.

After delivery, all outstanding items (however small) will be vigorously pursued with the yard or manufacturer so that they will be promptly fixed. The ship and all her equipment will be closely monitored to ensure that it meets the agreed specification within at least the guarantee period, otherwise  repairs/replacement will be quickly actioned.

In any case, upon accepting the vessel, SSM will exercise all care and attention to maintain the vessel in full working order, always meeting  Class requirements with the intention that the owner will be totally satisfied with the high level of management at the most competitive price available.